The Essence of Process Coaching

The perceptual tools and inner healing practices offered in Process Coaching all boil down to one essential secret to be all of who we truly are and have all of what we really want in life is to find and heal the lost parts of ourselves, down to the deepest layers of Being. We call this process 'healing to wholeness.'

The simple secret of healing to wholeness is to love everything about yourself, and especially love all of what you feel, no matter what that is. Willingly joining our conscious selves with our feeling selves in every moment is the ongoing process of healing to wholeness and having all of what we truly desire. Using these tools and perspectives makes it relatively easy to do this.

It's great to have the things we want in life like loving relationships, a nice home, a good car, etc. These things come naturally to us as we move more and more into living the kind of life we truly desire. However, it's only in the minute-by-minute, day-by-day joyous living of life that we can experience deep fulfillment and success. What good is it to have a nice home or car, for instance, and not feel good about yourself?

If you are loving yourself and all of your feelings as they arise, and you always do just what you want to do, you are already doing this work. However, this kind of self-love has not usually been easy. Powerful and compelling conditioning to the contrary has been operating below conscious awareness in humanity since before our time here on Earth. Each generation has subsequently updated the programming against loving ourselves and our feelings, as if the limitations that the conditioning has imposed were true and right.

The thrust of this work is developing and nurturing yourself as the 'Healer' who can undo the deep conditioning that's been keeping us from realizing our true human greatness and who finds and brings into wholeness the lost and discarded sensate, feeling parts of self. This manual can serve as a guide on your journey, including helping you find the very best guidance for your own healing and manifesting which is inside of you now, waiting to be asked.

It's my hope that what we've developed in Process Coaching will be useful to you as a point of departure in developing your own approach. The Process Coaching tools and perspectives are easy to learn and use and quite effective in undoing your old, limiting conditioning and helping establish your new joyously loving and powerful identity as the Healer of yourself. I'm very grateful that the other collaborators and I can share them with you now.

John Pateros